Construction & Demolition

Pay Less for Clean “Source Separated Loads”

The highest rates of recycling and the lowest cost can be attained when you “source separate” materials at your job site. You can keep separate dumpsters for clean concrete, wood, metal, soil, etc. at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) helps builders comply with California’s CALGreen building requirements and meet the national LEED Building standards. Our offers discounted rates for clean loads containing source separated wood, concrete, asphalt, or soil.

Optimize Your Loads for Recycling

The MRF uses a combination of mechanical and manual separation to process mixed waste and C&D materials as waste flows on a conveyor belts through the facility. To protect our employees, and to avoid materials that can become entangled in equipment, loads containing excessive amounts of the following materials will generally be directed to the landfill for disposal or may require special disposal. To maximize diversion on the job site, allocate problem materials to their own dumpster.

To help ensure that your load is directed to the MRF by the scale staff, keep the following problem materials out of your load:

  • Asbestos
  • Fiberglass Insulation
  • Large quantities of Romex cable or Wire
  • Ice Plant, Poison Oak

Tracking Your Diversion for CalGreen Requirements

We calculate MRF diversion of construction and demolition materials on a monthly basis.  We track diversion at the MRF on a monthly basis by recording the tonnage of material coming into the facility, the tonnage of material diverted, and the tonnage of material disposed. Diversion is not tracked on a load by load basis.You can see the actual diversion percentage published in our monthly Recycling Report. This report is presented to our Board of Directors each month and included on our website on the Board of Directors page.

Scale Receipt is Your Proof of Diversion

Your scale receipt indicates material brought across the MRWMD scales and where it was directed.

  • For Receipts labeled “MRF” we certify a min. 65% diversion for tonnage delivered on that receipt.
  • Receipts indicating load went to “Green Waste” or “AC” (asphalt/concrete) are 100% diversion.
  • Receipts indicating a load went to the landfill receive no diversion.

The “percent diversion – sort line” number reported monthly in the Tonnage Report is the diversion percentage you can use for reporting on your projects. The USGBC has accepted this methodology for LEED projects locally.

If you require diversion certification, we will provide the monthly diversion calculation for your load(s) that went to the MRF based on the month your load(s) were delivered. You can also obtain this information from your hauler.

More Information

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