Landfill Gas To Energy Facility

Long before the benefits of “green” energy and the negative effects of greenhouse gases such as methane were realized, the Monterey Regional Waste Management District developed one of the first landfill gas-to-electric energy plants in the nation. For nearly three decades, the Landfill Gas to Energy (LFG) project has provided the industry across the nation and internationally with innovative leadership.

The LFG project provides both environmental and economic benefits to our local communities.

Landfill Gas Renewable Energy Program Benefits

  • Landfill gas most controllable of greenhouse gases
  • Captures > 9,000 tons of methane per year, removing emissions equivalent to 33,760 vehicles
  • CO2 offset from avoiding use of fossil fuels > 27,000 tons per year
  • Project revenues exceeding expenses

Presently, the project’s four generators provide approximately 5 megawatts of clean alternative power, meeting all of the District’s own power needs and electricity for approximately 3,000 homes.


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Power Systems (LFG) Supervisor
Gilert Najera

Facility Hours
Monday – Friday
8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.