Why Compost?

By composting, we keep organics (landscape trimmings, food scraps) out of landfills and preserve our top soils. The benefits of compost include building healthy soil, conserving water, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and saving money. We also help our cities and county meet the requirements of state mandated waste reduction and recycling laws, including AB 939, AB341, and SB1826.

The District offers several compost programs to the community: green waste, commercial food scrap, and home composting.

Monterey Regional Waste Management Districts offers free compost workshops and events throughout the year so you can learn the benefits and basics of home composting and green gardening. Check out and register for an upcoming workshop.

Compost & Green Gardening Workshops:

  • Basic Home Composting Workshop
  • Vermicomposting (composting with earthworms)
  • Sheet Mulching Workshop or “Lose your lawn the Bay-Friendly Way”

Compost Bins & Supplies:

Home compost bins and supplies available to residents, schools and not-for-profit organizations within the MRWMD Service area.

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Residents may also check with their disposal service company to see if they offer discounted compost bins.

The District has a very successful green waste composting program onsite. Keith Day Company, the onsite compost operator, turns approximately 20,000 tons of yard trimmings and food waste each year into a compost, some of which is a registered organic input material used by certified organic farmers. The finished product is available for purchase for your garden and our local farms.

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Food Scrap Composting (Organics to Energy Program)

The Organics to Energy compost program serves commercial customers including restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and a range of special events. Participation in the program ensures local businesses meet the requirements of AB1826, the state’s new organics recycling law. (Read More) If you are a commercial business and wish to start composting food scraps, please contact your waste and recycling service provider to discuss collection service. Please visit  for more information on getting started with a compost program.

The program also accepts compostable packaging (cups, plates, cutlery, bags) that have received  Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certification. This ensures that a product will biodegrade completely, quickly, and safely. For a list of products that carry this certification, please visit BPI’s website.

Please visit the Organics to Energy website for a list of items that are not accepted that are considered contamination.

If you wish to divert food scraps from a special event, it is important to assure that all event vendors use certified compostable products (above) and if bagged, certified compostable bags. If you will be delivering the material yourself (self hauling), bring a completed Food Scrap Compost Guidelines Form (Read More) to submit at the District scales upon delivery. You will then be directed to the food scrap compost receiving area to unload your material.

Special Event Collection Containers for Compost and Recycling

Based upon availability, the District loans to special event collection containers for compostables and recyclables to local organizations within the District’s service area. Complete a request form, and/or contact district staff for additional information on compost collection at your event.

Monterey Regional Waste Management Districts offers free compost workshops and events throughout the year so you can learn the benefits and basics of home composting and green gardening. Workshops and registration will be announced on our homepage. For more information call 831-384-5313.

Need more compost then you can produce? You can purchase finished compost and other landscape products, such as wood chips by the “bag” at the Last Chance Mercantile or in large quantities through the MRWMD scales.

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Teachers, do you need learning materials, how-to guides, bins or a class presentation on composting? If your school is within the MRWMD service area*, contact the Public Education Coordinator at for more information.

*MRWMD Service Area Includes the following jurisdictions:

Moss Landing, Castroville, Marina, Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, Sand City, Monterey, Monterey-Salinas Highway area, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Unincorporated Carmel, Carmel Valley, Carmel Highlands, & Big Sur


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