Materials Recovery Facility 2.0

The Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) is the centerpiece of the ReGen Monterey’s publicly-owned infrastructure for recycling and reuse. Over the last 20 years, ReGen Monterey’s first MRF  diverted more than 1.6 million tons of recyclable and re-usable materials from landfill disposal.

The new MRF 2.0 opened February 2018. The new facility dramatically expands our capacity to divert materials from disposal.

The MRF processes recyclables collected from the residential and commercial sectors of the Monterey Peninsula region, construction and demolition debris, and commercial mixed waste. The MRF also receives clean loads of source separated green and wood waste, mattresses, tires, and appliances.

The MRF 2.0 will support local communities in compliance with State recycling requirements and help achieve the 75% recycling goal by 2020. The construction and demolition material processing helps ensure compliance with the CalGreen 65% diversion requirement for new construction and demolition projects.

Resource Recovery

With the passing of AB 341 in October 2011, the California diversion goal has increased to 75% by 2020.  The new MRF is capable of recovering up to 75% or more of the mixed waste stream from both commercial and multi-family sources, single-stream recyclables, as well as construction and demolition and self-haul loads.

History Of Diversion

The MRF opened in April of 1996. The $9.6 million facility was designed and built in response to the AB 939 mandate requiring California cities and counties to reduce their waste by 50% by the year 2000. Since it opened, the MRF has diverted more than 1.6 million tons of recyclable and reusable materials from landfill disposal. As a result, ReGen Monterey member jurisdictions have enjoyed some of the highest diversion levels in the State.

Pay Less for Clean “Source Separated Loads”

The highest rates of recycling and the lowest cost can be attained when you “source separate” materials at your job site. You can keep separate dumpsters for clean concrete, wood, metal, soil, etc. at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) helps builders comply with California’s CALGreen building requirements and meet the national LEED Building standards. Our offers discounted rates for clean loads containing source separated wood, concrete, asphalt, or soil.

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Staff Contacts

MRF Manager
David Saucedo

Senior Engineer
David Ramirez

Monday – Friday
7 a.m. – 4 p.m.

8 a.m. – 4 p.m.