Green Waste Composting

Bring in your landscape trimmings and wood waste for composting and recycling, and/or purchase the finished products.

“Clean Green” Landscape Material Processing

Clean green waste such as landscape trimmings, brush, tree pruning, and grass clippings are received at the Materials Recovery Facility. The rate for these organic materials, if “clean” and free of contamination such as palm fronds, cactus, ice plant, poison oak, mixed waste, paper, plastic, metal, glass, etc. is discounted per ton. Sod may also be accepted at this rate.

Green waste is processed into mulch using an electric grinder powered by electricity we produce in our landfill gas renewable energy program. This mulch is then used as the raw material for producing compost on our site. Finished Compost is available for purchase in bulk at the District scales or by the bag at the Last Chance Mercantile.



Clean Wood Waste

Unpainted wood is also accepted at a discounted rate. Wood must be free of contamination from mixed waste and may not include any treated or painted wood. Wood chips, natural and colored, large and small are produced from this reclaimed wood and sold in bulk and by the bag. This recycled product makes an affordable and aesthetic landscape cover.

See Green and Wood Waste Disposal Criteria for specific information on accepted materials.