Special Event Recycling

As you plan your next community event and are thinking about making it more sustainable, the District can support your efforts in waste reduction strategies and waste diversion of recyclable and compostable materials. (Read More)

Planning for Waste Reduction at your next Community Event

To help you be successful, the District can:

  • Provide information and technical assistance
  • Direct you to local resources for event and collection services
  • Loan collection containers for compostable and recyclable material

Check out the Special Event Recycling Guide to help you with your planning. For more information contact the Recycling and Public Education Staff.

Note: If you are having a large-scale event and will need large collection containers for trash, compostables, and recyclables, you will want to coordinate with the franchise hauler that serves the area where your event will be held. They will provide containers and hauling services. For smaller events, you might want to consider self-haul directly to our site outside Marina.

Compost Collection

If you wish to divert food scraps from a special event, it is important to ensure that all event vendors use certified compostable products and if bagged, certified compostable bags. If you will be delivering the material yourself (self-hauling), bring a completed Food Scrap Compost Guidelines Form to submit at the District scales upon delivery. You will then be directed to the food scrap compost receiving area to unload your material.

Collection Containers – ON HOLD DURING COVID-19

Based upon availability, the District loans special event collection containers to local organizations in the MRWMD service area*, for compostables and recyclables. Complete a request form, and/or contact District staff for additional information.

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