Fire Debris Removal Process

Before you bring fire debris to the District, you must go through the correct process.  All affected properties must participate in Phase 1 Household Hazardous Waste cleanup through the EPA, and all fire debris removal post Phase 1 requires sign-off by the Monterey County Environmental Health Department or Santa Cruz County Environmental Health Department. You can find resources for 2020 Fire Recovery on the Monterey County Office of Emergency Services website or Santa Cruz County Fire Recovery Environmental Health Resources website.

The EPA has also established a hotline for communities impacted by the Carmel, River, and Dolan Fires. If you have questions about Phase 1 of Debris Removal or questions about the status of your property, you can contact the EPA at (415) 793-8794.

You can read the District’s complete Fire Waste Screening and Acceptance Procedure that outlines the steps you must take.

Here is the District’s Waste Manifest Form that you must fill out and include in your submittal package.