Lithium-ion Battery Collection Events on Saturday, November 12

Take charge! Dispose of your lithium-ion batteries properly at a community battery recycling event! Join us on Saturday, November 12 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Monterey Peninsula College, Parking Lot A, the Salinas Sports Complex at 1034 North Main Street, and the Circuit Family Fitness at 115 Alder Street in Soledad.

All household products containing rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can be dropped off, including (but not limited to) laptops, phones, tablets, power tools, electric toothbrushes, vaping devices, TV remotes and wireless headphones and numerous other devices and appliances. Batteries do not need to be removed. Other types of e-waste and regular household batteries will not be accepted.

Why is this important? When these flammable materials are disposed of in landfills or go through our recycling plant, the risk of fire can be dangerous to our local environment and the safety of our workers. In addition, these rechargeable batteries contain minerals in limited supply. Instead of environmentally destructive mining, we can recover these scarce metals from non-working or not needed products. With your help, manufacturers can recycle them into new electric vehicle batteries, which are highly in demand. Let’s take charge and mine the junk drawers of Monterey County!

Thank you to our partners the Monterey Cannery Row Rotary Club, the Salinas Valley Passport Rotary Club, the Soledad Rotary Club, Redwood Materials, ReGen Monterey, and Salinas Valley Recycles. Please visit for more information.