For over a decade the District’s Small Planet School Education Program has provided thousands of local students- preschool to postgraduate- education and related experiences on the topic of the “4Rs”. From tours, assemblies, service learning, and support of environmental stewardship programs on campuses, the District has raised awareness and inspired thousands of students to “Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”.

MRWMD STAFF IS AVAILABLE TO PROVIDE –  In-person tours and activities are on hold during COVID-19, please reach out for virtual support.


  • Assemblies, Grade Level and Classroom Presentations
  • Staff Presentations, Trainings & Tours


  • Tours are offered of MRMWD’s Resource Facilities and Landfill to 2nd grade – university students attending schools within the MRWMD Service Area*
  • Bus Grants for Tour Transportation

Waste Free School Support:

  • Waste Audits & Coordination with Franchise Hauler to review a school’s resources
  • Infrastructure (collection containers and signage)


  • Compost Bins for School Gardens
  • Recycled  Content Student Products (pencils, rulers, reusable bags as available)

Service Learning: Students Learn By Doing

MRWMD supports student learning through service via campus green teams, environmental clubs, and local college and university service learning programs.

  • The District can assist with student volunteer education and training for waste reduction, recycling and compost projects.
  • College and university students can consider completing their service learning requirement with the District.

Interested students should be referred by their schools’ service learning program and should contact the MRWMD Public Education Specialist at


MRWMD Staff can help your school build upon an existing recycling program, start a compost program and help become a “Waste Free” school.

California’s 10,000 plus public schools are one of the largest generators of waste in the state, and waste characterizations studies have shown that approximately 95% of what is thrown away is recyclable and compostable material. MRWMD supports school and district wide waste reduction and recycling efforts to assist in greater diversion of these materials.

Working with school and/or district staff, franchise hauler and students, MRWMD can provide or assist with the coordination of:

  • Technical assistance/ waste audits (coordinated with the franchise hauler)
  • Education (Staff and student volunteer education & training)
  • Assistance with coordination of program implementation
  • Infrastructure (when available recycle containers, signage, compost bin donation, etc.)
  • Special School Event Recycling (Donation or loan of collection containers)

Contact MRWMD Public Education and Outreach Staff to learn more.

Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD) and the Visual and Public Art (VPA) Program at California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB) have teamed up to create an Artist in Residence Program. Beginning January 2016, the collaborative partnership will allow VPA students to salvage for discarded materials and upcycle them into art.

The partnership will draw upon the expertise of CSUMB VPA faculty, who will mentor the student participants. MRWMD will provide access for material salvaging from Last Chance Mercantile and the Materials Recovery Facility. VPA artists will work and create in the yard at Last Chance Mercantile, providing the general public the opportunity to watch and engage with the artists.


In-person tours are on hold during COVID-19, please view our virtual video tours.


Tours can be scheduled for student groups Monday through Friday throughout the year. The District provides the educational tours at no cost, and can provide small bus grants to offset the cost of transportation for student groups attending school within the District’s jurisdictions.


Based upon availability, MRWMD can provide “3R” school presentations and hands on workshops designed for students
k- 5th grades, in classroom groups.
Presentations can be adapted for 6th-12th grades, and for larger groups via grade level or assembly style presentations.

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MRWMD staff offers presentations and tours to community and professional groups>

Contact the MRWMD Public Education Staff to make a request and/or to learn more about topics and availability

Welcome to Unwrapping Plastics! This series, developed by MRWMD intern Andrew Jarvis in June 2020, is comprised of a set of blog posts and video lectures intended to provide an overview of the nature of the global plastics crisis. The end goal is for readers to leave with a fundamental understanding of the unique geography of the plastics crisis, including the linkage between plastic production and resource management; environmental justice as it relates to plastics; and critiques of the main approaches to plastic pollution management. It is hoped that the series might serve as a community resource on plastics and plastic pollution.

As the Public Education and Outreach Intern at MRWMD, I have had the opportunity to engage with recycling and waste reduction projects, two of my passions. This project expands upon my undergraduate research, which focused on the geography of waste, public engagement with plastic pollution, and international environmental management. I am excited to make this content available to the public. While at UCLA, I studied abroad in Bangkok and Oslo – very different cities with different relationships with waste, but united by the common problem of plastic pollution.

We live in an exciting time. The state of the environment, and people’s relationship to the natural world, is dire. But there is immense opportunity for change. I believe that change will come soon. Plastic pollution is a rapidly developing issue; media coverage of polluted environments together with surges in production can be disheartening at best and overwhelming at worst. But people aren’t powerless. People have the power to make change and expand that change through social networks. Every action, every decision, every post, matters. MRWMD wants to be a resource and recognizes that plastic pollution is a crisis at the global scale and that there is a need for waste reduction at both the producer and consumer levels.


In-person workshops are on hold during COVID-19, but virtual workshops may be offered at a future date. Please check back for updates.

Monterey Regional Waste Management Districts offers  an array of free workshops and events through out the year to promote and demonstrate waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting. Check out and register for an upcoming workshop . Workshops are free, and generally held at the District facilities in Marina. They last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and include a presentation and “hands-on” demonstration.
Location of workshops (Unless Otherwise Noted):- MRWMD Facilities at 14201 Del Monte Blvd., 2 miles north of  Marina, Exit 412

The following is a sampling of current workshops offered:

NEW-Recycling 101:
Take a deep-dive into the world of recycling! In 2018, the opening of a new Materials Recovery Facility locally coincided with major changes in international recycling markets. Recycling continues to be an integral environmental strategy to conserve energy and resources. Learn how what you can put in your blue bin has changed. Tour the Materials Recovery Facility to see how the District sorts your recycling. Hear about global trends and what items are turned into. Understand how your purchasing decisions and which bin your use supports recycling efforts.

View the Presentation: Recycling 101

NEW- Zero Waste Living
Every choice matters; positive actions big and small can result in personal and community transformation. Waste reduction in our homes can provide significant benefits for personal health and the health of our environment. By making less waste we save precious resources; energy, time, money and more. This workshop will provide an inside look at how MRWMD Reuse and Recycling Programs benefit you and our local communities and introduce you to sustainable practices and tips to help get you on your way of creating a Zero Waste Home.

View the Presentation: Zero Waste Living

View pre-show slides from Bea Johnson Zero Waste Event at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Basic Home Composting Workshop

Through presentation and hands-on demonstrations participants will learn the basics of composting including: choosing a compost system, what to compost, how to make and maintain a compost pile or bin, and the harvesting and use of the finished compost in your landscape and garden.

Vermicomposting (Composting With Earthworms)

Vermicomposting puts nature’s decomposers (earthworms) to work for you. Learn how to compost your food scraps using only a small, closed container. Perfect for those who live in small spaces or don’t have a big yard to compost to.

Sheet Mulching Workshop, or “Lose Your Lawn the Bay-Friendly Way”

Deter weeds, freshen your landscape, help waste diversion in your local communities, and save money, time, and water. Learn how to use cardboard, compost, wood chips and a little “elbow grease”, for an effective landscape treatment, called “sheet mulching”. It is an affordable, DIY project you can use to replace lawns, make garden paths, and/or even attractively cover a “weedy patch” in your yard.



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Student School Waste Audit Tools



Educational And School Waste Reduction Resources

CalRecycle’s services for educators, districts and school facilities

CREEC Network is a “one stop shop” for environmental education resources in California

Green School Initiatives


Contact Haulers For Your School’s Waste & Recycling Collection Services

Waste Management Inc. – (831) 384-5000

Monterey City Disposal – / (831) 372-7977

Republic Services Salinas – / (831) 775-3840

*MRWMD Service Area Includes the following jurisdictions:

Moss Landing, Castroville, Marina, Seaside, Del Rey Oaks, Sand City, Monterey, Monterey-Salinas Highway area, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel, Unincorporated Carmel, Carmel Valley, Carmel Highlands, and Big Sur